Places to Stay in Jamaica
Sleeping in St. Elizabeth

There is absolutely no shortage of places to stay in Jamaica. In fact, that's what makes it a bit confusing - so many choices!

Here in St. Elizabeth we too have a wide range of accommodation, but not so many that it will have your head spinning. Although some would disagree, I think it's a good thing we have no all-inclusive resorts (yet), and the visitors who come here are encouraged to experience our wonderful island to the fullest.

Black River Jamaica

There are two main areas in the parish which offer a variety of choices - the Black River/Parrottee area, and the Treasure Beach area. Other places to stay are dotted across the parish, sometimes in unexpected places. Treasure Beach has the most variety, ranging from luxury villas to a room in someone's house.

Your stay in St. Elizabeth is likely to feel very friendly and personal, as you deal with people who are naturally down to earth and unpretentious. You will probably make friends wherever you happen to stay.

Use the links this page to go directly to the featured properties in St. Elizabeth, or explore Jamaica hotels in other parishes by using the search boxes.

Places to Stay in Jamaica - Black River/Parottee

Idler's Rest Beach Hotel

Waterloo Guest House

Ashton Hotel and Great House

Port of Call Hotel

South Shore Guest House Restaurant and Bar

Places to Stay in Jamaica - Treasure Beach 


The Cove (formerly Button Bay Beach Getaway) (Fort Charles)

Golden Sands
876-965-0167 (Frenchman's Bay)

Irie Rest
876-965-0034 (Billy's Bay)

Jakes Resort (Calabash Bay)

Marblue Domicil (Old Wharf)

Sunset Resort & Villas (Calabash Bay)

Taino Cove
876-965-0126/3892 (Old Wharf)

Treasure Beach Hotel (Frenchman's Bay)


Pon de Rock Oceanfront Cottages (Fort Charles)

Bliss By The Sea (Great Bay)

Blue Marlin Villas (Great Bay)

The Buccaneer (Billy's Bay)

Calabash House
876-965-0126 (Calabash Bay)

La Casa Duna 217-297-0592 (Billy's Bay)

Driftwood (Great Bay)

876-965-0126 (Calabash Bay)

876-965-0126 (Frenchman's Bay)

860-247-0759/800-526-2453 (Billy's Bay)

416-698-6855 (Calabash Bay)

Rainbow Tree (Billy's Bay)

La Sirena (Billy's Bay) 

Part of the fun of a Jamaica vacation is in the planning - so explore away!

Hotels in Jamaica

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