Black River Jamaica
in pictures

Black River Jamaica is a small, unhurried town. These pictures give you an idea what it's like. The problem is, pictures can't make you smell the river, feel the sea breeze, or hear the tree frogs at night. You have to pay a visit.

The first set of pictures takes you through the town. The second takes you up the river on a perfect day. A click on each small picture will show you a larger image.

Black River Town from West Black River Bridge Black River Bridge
High Street Black River seen from the west. Black River bridge in the early morning. Riding over the Black River bridge.
Wooden House Black River Jamaica Wooden House Black River Jamaica Fretwork Black River Jamaica
Black River's wooden houses. Black River's wooden houses. Black River's wooden houses.
Black River Jamaica Parish Church Downtown Black River Jamaica View of Black River Jamaica
St. John's Parish Church Sanctuary. High Street, downtown Black River. View of Black River from east.
Black River Bay Black River Bay Sunset Black River Jamaica
Looking west from Black River Bay. View from Tiger Park, Black River. Black River, the Sunset Capital.

Black River Jamaica -
a morning on the magnificent Black River

If ever there was a perfect way to start your day, this would be it. A calming perspective in a world of multitasking and constant rush. You need to try this trip for yourself!

On the Black River Safari on the Black River Crocodile Black River
View of the shore near the mouth of the Black River. Looking upstream near the start of the safari. A crocodile, not too big, greets us soon after we set off.
Crocodile Black River Safari Greater Egret on the Black River Mangroves on Black River
Another crocodile further upstream. A Greater Egret perches in the mangroves. Mangrove trees on the banks of the Black River.
Crocodile Jamaica Black River Crocodile basking in sun Jamaican Crocodile
Sleek swimmer, not at all impressed by our boat. Crocodiles are cold-blooded. This one is warming up in the sun. Enough warming up, about to hit the water.
Mangrove Avenue Black River Mangrove Trees Black River Safari
High upstream, Mangrove Avenue is serene and beautiful. Turn off the engine. Hear the silence. Back downstream, this boat says it - "I Am Bless".

I certainly think I am blessed to be living in this quiet, scenic town. This next page tells you much more about Black River as it is now. And if you want to go back in time, Black River history holds a unique place in Jamaica's timeline. Or maybe you'd like to hear about our once popular mineral spring, the Black River Spa.

And I think you'll enjoy these Black River photos taken from the bay. They show off the town from an unusual point of view. 

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