Things To Do in Jamaica

So much to do, so little time. There are so many things to do in Jamaica that it can be quite a job to decide how to best spend your time on a short vacation. The beach is a must, but there are a lot more experiences out there just waiting for you.

This page will serve as a hub to take you to a calendar of events, and different groups of activities that may interest you. Some activities may fall under more than one category. Many will take you outside the popular tourist centres, into the real heart of Jamaica.

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Calendar of Events - a variety of activities in Jamaica listed month by month.

Way Back When - A fun, informative walking tour exploring the history of the historic town of Black River.

Calabash International Literary Festival - A literary festival unlike any other in the capital of laid-back, Treasure Beach. Happily it's back on the calendar after a one year absence.

Sporting Activities - road races, fishing, golf and more. Jamaica is a nation of sporting enthusiasts, and we make sure to make sports available to our visitors.

Flower Shows/Agricultural Shows - These events are great for the whole family, and show you a perspective of Jamaica that you might not find elsewhere. Our flower shows are about much more than flowers! Take a look.

Organic Farm Dinner in Round Hill, St. Elizabeth. Refreshingly different.

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