How Much Do You Know

I don't mean to put you on the spot, but if what you know about Jamaica goes something like "rum, beaches, Bob Marley...Montego Bay", then chances are that's all you'll expect from your vacation.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that a great suntan and a mellow bottle of our finest rum aren't fantastic souvenirs to take home. I'm just saying there's a whole lot more to our Jamrock than that...

Like lazy rivers, icy cold waterfalls, breathtaking mountaintop views.

Pedro Bluff Jamaica

Sugar cane, jelly coconuts and pepper shrimp for sale on the roadside. Historic churches competing with reggae-pounding speaker boxes for space in the town square.

Neatly uniformed school children, fishermen pulling in their nets. The everyday rhythm of a vibrant, expressive nation.

You'll miss it if you stay behind your hotel walls. By telling you about Jamaican culture, people, history, great things to do and great places to visit, I hope to whet your appetite for more than our beaches. Although you can be sure I'll tell you about them too.

Black River Jamaica

I was born and raised here, a country girl ("girl" used loosely!). Of our 14 parishes, I'm lucky to make my home in St. Elizabeth, a spectacular parish known for its friendliness and its contrasts.

Here you can experience the beauty of an idyllic vacation, while not missing out on the authentic touches that make this island different from anywhere else on earth. I'll tell you about our country in general, focusing on the south coast, St. Elizabeth in particular. Enjoy.

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