Black River Photos

Let me tell you, I've seen some stunning Black River photos in recent times. It's really cool to live in a place that has so much natural camera appeal.

Two things struck me the other day about the photos I tend to see of Black River Jamaica. Firstly, they focus mostly on the river. No surprise - the magnificent Black River is one of Jamaica's most well known features and the safari is a major attraction for tourists. That brings me to my second realisation - the Black River shots all over the web are mainly taken by visitors, not locals. Nothing surprising there either - people on vacation take photos and want to share their experiences with the world.

So I thought I'd like to take some Black River photos from an unusual perspective. I got the chance when my daughter had to take some samples of water from the Black River bay for a school project. We hired our friend Lando to take us out in his boat for a couple of hours on a beautiful morning. Here's a little of what we saw. Hover the mouse pointer over an image to pause the show.

Black River Photos - Boat ride in the bay

We started out on the river, where the small fishing boats rest for the night. About 5 30 am. A few minutes ride saw us under the bridge at the river mouth, then out into the bay, heading west. Smooth, smooth water at that time of morning. The big fishing boats docked at the wharf were still asleep.

We took our water samples behind those business places whose backs are almost directly on the shoreline. Those weren't too pretty from behind, but the sea was so fabulous that it overshadowed everything else.

Starting with St. Johns Church in the square, we were able to see our town looking absolutely gorgeous from the bay. The morning sun lit up the buildings and presented them to us in a way we hadn't seen before. It may seem strange to non Jamaicans, but apart from fishermen, most residents of Jamaican seaside towns don't actually spend much time on boats. In Black River we don't swim right in town either, so most of us don't get to see the town from the water.

Continuing westwards, we saw Waterloo, the Courthouse, Invercauld and the Black River Spa. Our new perspective blew us away. The Spa is actually a natural mineral spring which used to be a popular spot for Jamaicans from all walks of life. It is reputed to cure all kinds of ailments. The spring flows into the sea at a small picturesque white sand cove. We headed towards Malcolm Bay, seeing small beaches here and there, between stretches of mangrove.

We turned back just before the Malcolm Bay beach, which is a nice spot for swimming. We had to get the water samples to Kingston for testing, so we couldn't spend the whole day sightseeing, although we would have liked to! It was a great morning and a wonderful boat ride. Gave us some good Black River photos too!

Here's a link to pictures of the river, and the town (from land this time!):Black River Jamaica.

And for more information on the town, see Black River or 
Black River History.

Call Lando if you need a ride like ours 876-387-8008.

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