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Beautiful Trees

We take our trees for granted here. These Jamaican pictures will show you the beauty of the trees that grow all over our island.

The (silk) cotton tree features heavily in our folklore. It grows to huge proportions over hundreds of years, and was formerly used to make canoes. It is a symbol of long life and continuity, and duppies (spirits) are said to live at its roots.

The poui is a breathtaking tree, and is used to tell students that it's time to start studying for final summer exams. If it's in its second flowering, you're way behind, so hit those books!

We love our 'food' trees especially. Breadfruit and mango save us a lot of grocery money. Many small shops and supermarkets report lower sales when it's mango time.

The guango is a large, wide spreading tree, beautifully proportioned. The black pods are sticky and sweet, caramel coloured on the inside. Excellent cattle food, especially in dry weather. It folds its leaves at night and when it's cloudy,causing moisture to collect under it. This often makes the grass under a guango tree greener than the grass around it.

Take a look at these trees from my collection of Jamaican pictures. You can be on the lookout for them in your travels around the island. Most of these photos were taken in St. Elizabeth.

Click on the thumbnail photos to enlarge.

Poui Tree, Jamaica Mango Tree, Jamaica Poinciana Tree, Jamaica
Poui Common Mango Poinciana
Lignum Vitae, Jamaica Guango Tree, Jamaica Bottlebrush Tree, Jamaica
Lignum Vitae Tree, which bears the National Flower of Jamaica Guango Bottlebrush Tree - the hummingbird's gourmet restaurant!
Breadfruit Tree, Jamaica Maypole Tree, Jamaica Cotton Tree, Jamaica
Breadfruit Tree Maypole Tree Silk Cotton Tree at Hampton School
Bauhinia, Poor Man's Orchid Bird Cherry Tree, Jamaica Red Bull Tree, Jamaica
Bauhinia a.k.a Poor Man's Orchid, pink variety. Bird Cherry Tree - very stainy, but the birds love it Look, it's a Red Bull Tree! Only in Jamaica

To see more of Jamaican nature, click here for pictures on the Black River and pictures of Jamaican birds and animals and also Jamaican flowers.

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