Pictures of Jamaica
All these blooming things

I grew up with a father who took pictures of Jamaica wherever he went. At least half of these were of flowers, which he loved. He and my mother taught me to take notice of our beautiful Jamaica, where there is so much contrast and loveliness in our natural surroundings.

You'll notice that in these photos of Jamaican flowers I've included the croton plant, which is technically not a flower. Here in St. Elizabeth we call any colourful plant a "flowers", and the croton is a flowers that all Jamaicans know.

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge.

Bougainvillea, Jamaica Croton, Jamaica Hibiscus, Jamaica
Bougainvillea Croton Hibiscus
Water Lilly, Jamaica Petchary/ Agapanthus Lilly, Jamaica Heliconia, Jamaica
Water Lilly Agapanthus Lilly Heliconia
Lignum Vitae, Jamaica Flower, Jamaica Flower, Jamaica
Lignum Vitae Jamaican Wildflower Bombax
Ixora Flower, Jamaica Jamaica Flowers Jamaican Flowers
Ixora Petrea Night Blooming Cereus

To learn more about Jamaican nature click here for pictures and information on Jamaican Trees or Animals in Jamaica.

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