Jamaica History
in the Hills of St. Elizabeth

Munro College Chapel Jamaica

Jamaica history, amazing views - all in the hills of St. Elizabeth. Wind your way through the twists and turns of the imposing Santa Cruz Mountains,  to the tiny town of Malvern and the district of Potsdam.

Your view will vary depending on the route you take. You may approach the area from Mountainside via Ivor Cottage or from Treasure Beach via Southfield, in which case the panorama of the Pedro Plains stretches out below and you are able to see much of St. Elizabeth's vast south coast. Approaching from Santa Cruz gives you a near bird's eye view of the valleys of northern St. Elizabeth.

Pedro Plains St. Elizabeth

In Malvern you will encounter Hampton School and Bethlehem Moravian College, in Potsdam you will find Munro College, all schools established in the mid 19th century, within 20 years of emancipation from slavery.

These schools are at the forefront of Jamaican education today, in their relative seclusion in the beautiful countryside.

Munro College St. Elizabeth
Hampton School Jamaica

You will see cut stone walls and buildings as you drive past lush green fields that were formerly coffee and pimento plantations. Slaves are buried in many of these fields. Jamaica History collides with Jamaica present in these hills, with incredible views at almost every turn. 

St. Alban's Church St. Elizabeth Jamaica
St. Alban's Church Jamaica

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