Way Back When Review

by Jackie Parchment
(Southfield St Elizabeth)

Wow....what a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. My group consisted of five people, 3 local and 2 visitors.

We got off to a nice early start, took our time, and absorbed the wealth of knowledge and passion our tour guide Allison shared with us. I have been living on the South Coast of Jamaica for approximately 23 years, passing through the capital of St Elizabeth on a regular basis, and never seen half the things that were highlighted on our tour.

St Johns Church is loaded with history, High Street is no longer just High Street, the buildings all have a history. The Black River was a major transport route for moving goods and supplies around the island. But the greatest part of the tour, was the guide, her personal touch, rich family history,knowledge and passion, make for a perfect tour.

May God continue to Bless and order the steps in all that the tour has and will continue to offer those who experience "Way Back When". Thank You

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