Restaurants in Jamaica - Sweetwood Jerk Joint

by Andrea Brown

Sweetwood provides a variety of jerk foods from jerk fish, jerk lamb, pork and chicken....the food is very good, making you want to go back for more.
This restaurant is located in Kingston, across from Emancipation park. The food is very tasty.

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Jun 01, 2012
4 to 5 Star Rating
by: Anonymous

The jerk lamb (when you are quick enough to be able to get some)(lol) is excellent (when last I had it at least).

Not the most authentic tasting jerk chicken available in Kingston. Still not bad however.

I understand that the kitchen area had a fly problem which caused the Health Department to temporarily shut them down. They have been reopened for a while now but a few flies are still around. Witnessed them myself. Also, the bathrooms are shabby (when last I saw them). Disappointing. Made me stop going to Sweetwood because I believe how a restaurant maintains its bathroom is a reflection of the restaurant's general attitude toward sanitation.

Lamb gets 5 stars. Chicken gets 4. Never had the pork. Bathrooms get 2. Flies? Well that's another story.

Overall, I give them 3 and a half stars.


Feb 28, 2010
Sweetwood food sweet!
by: Anonymous

I've only had take out from Sweetwood but it was delicious. The meat was succulent and most of the fat had been trimmed off the pork after it was jerked. The sides of roast breadfruit and roast sweet potato were good too as were the sauces.

Feb 24, 2010
Restaurants in Jamaica
by: Allison

This jerk joint sounds like a place I should check out! Great that it's near Emancipation Park, which is a nice oasis in the middle of New Kingston.

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