Jamaican Spirit

by Steve
(Toronto, Ontario )

I saw these fishermen quite far offshore, I bought some baitfish from them and snapped this shot. In reviewing my photos I saw the message on the hull of the boat. Jamaica is beautiful , Jamaican spirit is priceless.

RJVacations response: I have to agree 100% with your comment on both Jamaica and Jamaican spirit. Your shot is lovely - I know blues aren't usually described as being warm, but that's what I'd have to say about this photo - a really warm blue.

As for the "In God We Trust", that's a mantra many of us live by. Thanks for this.


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Nov 15, 2014
A feeling of peace and belonging <3
by: Anonymous

The Spirit of Jamaica is what made me fall in love with the Island so many years ago... 1988. Since then I have visited the Island 12 times...and fall even more in love with every visit. The sense of belonging...the feeling of acceptance...the genuine nature of the people..the sound of the ocean and of the steel drums...the rich aromas of the jerk chicken and pumpkin soup..ackee and saltfish. Some people live forever never feeling a sense of a place they belong...for me it is Jamaica. I feel it calling me stronger every time I visit......... not sure what that means, and it doesn't matter much. Just the sense of peace that I feel when I am on that island ..some people never get to experience that in their lifetime. I am blessed <3

Apr 03, 2014
Jamaican Spirit - Mottos & Mantras
by: Delroy Bent

'In God We Trust' is the American motto, which is a mantra which should be applied by ALL, (if indeed you trust in God.

However, 'Out Of Many One People' is the Jamaican motto, which again should be adopted around the world as an example of true diversity and inclusion as it embodies the principles of 'One Race One People'

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