definition of" you use sleep to mark death"

by Vicki Garey

Jamaican friend said that to me...I am American with Jamaican husband but we are separated now and was told to ask my husband the definition and he said he dont know,please what does that Jamaican proverb mean?

My reply:
It can be interpreted in slightly different ways -it can mean you should watch people's behaviour in the small things they do, and use it to predict how they will behave in similar but more important situations.

Here's a slightly different interpretation - observe the outcome of a current situation and use it to predict the outcome of a an event that hasn't yet occurred. In other words, read the signs around you and don't let people or events catch you unaware.

Literally, use sleep to predict what death will be like!

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Aug 25, 2023
Tek sleep and mark death NEW
by: Anonymous

The actual translation is when you take it for granted that someone is not a threat (dead) but they are simply in an inactive state (sleep). Its a warning not to take someone or some situation for granted, lest it unexpected turns against you.

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