Crane Road Black River Sunset

by Marj

Black River = Beautiful Sunsets

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Jun 18, 2014
Antoinette Black River
by: Allison

Hi Antoinette - I was very happy to see your memories about Black River, and became even more excited when I realised that we are related! Eddie Francis was my great grandfather, and Lily Francis my grandmother. Hugh and Antoinette must have been your grandparents.

I would be so happy if you would contact my website again, and this time leave your email address!

Jun 17, 2014
Black River, Jamaica's Gem
by: Antoinette

I was born in Black River many decades ago, Baptized at St. John's Parish Church by Rev. Kitson-Walters. All my sibblings were baptized there also, however by Rev. Emanuel, he alo performed the marriage for my parents. I remember watching the Church bell being rung by my Grand Uncle Eddie Francis (Deacon) Those were steep stairs to climb. My maternal Grandmother as Head of the Mother's Union (Rev. Hill was at the Helm)was responsible for taking the Church key to the Police Station. That became my chore until I left.

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Roy Francis were my Drs, with Drs. Campbell and Stewart (Waterloo House) being my parents' Doctors.

I attended sewing classes at the Church under the tutelage of (Aunt) Lily Francis. I Left Black River at age seven. Mrs. Linton was my favorite teacher and school on a whole was just wonderful.
Happy! Happy! School days. I remember receiving several strokes of 'Teacher" Reynolds' strap for being late one day for school. There were three or four houses for the School, Stewart, Bardowell, I have forgotten the rest.

My Grandparents property had every fruit tree possible.... each summer that I visited at the end of the vacation I returned to Kingston with a perfectly stained wardrobe. Those were the days..long gone but not forgotten. Maybe the happiestdays of my life.

Black River boast of many firsts...first car, first for electicity, first for telephone exchange, first for making Coco Bread (oozing with butter) and if I am not mistaken Hardo Bread.

It was a melting pot in terms of various races that converged and emerged. My first exposure to Yogurt and Pita(Syrian bread) bread,was at the Baracatt's (Syrian) home on High Street. I sampled many other wonderful fares at this home. This family was responsible for the movies we saw at the Court house and else where.

I remember the days when stationery was not sold after 4:00PM. it was illegal to do so. I remember, I remember oh how I remember. the memories sometimes are vague and elusive but always beautiful on recall.

Sep 11, 2013
by: Joy

I was born in Black River and lived there until I was nine years old when I left to attend school in Kingston. For many years, I returned to spend a part of my summer vacation there. Just reading about the history of Black River brings back many memories although I was quite young.
I did piano lessons with Mrs. Forrest, attended Sunday School at St. John's church, Dr. Johnson was my doctor. I have a little booklet about the history of Black River written by Miss May Barrett. She was the librarian there when I was a child.

Thanks for the memories, these are the things I will always treasure for a lifetime.

Oct 29, 2012
Re: Black River!
by: Joan

Yes, I too grew up in Black River,went to St. Theresa's Catholic school as a small child! I also knew Dr. Francis, heard of Dr. Campbell (but can't quite remember him). Left there in '73 at the age of 10 and use to go back frequently. Haven't been back since 2003 but looking forward to going back this year to celebrate my 50th birthday right there in Black River!! Thanks for the memories!!

Jul 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

I went to St. Theresa Roman Catholic school in Black River in the 60's. I remember going Doctors Francis and Campbell.

I also remember walking the 8 miles to Mountainside if the 5 O'Clock left you. We would walk over the bridge past Crane, the Road to Parottee, Slipe, Arlington, and the Sangster's and Hendricks properties and if the only parent who had a car in those days (Mr. Morrison) did not come looking for his daughter, then we would walk the entire 8 miles home. 8 miles was not too much to walk in those days I doubt if I could walk that distance now but then that was over 45 years ago.

Sweet memories - glorious days.

Thank you, Anonymous, for this glimpse of what life was like when the world was a bit simpler. I don't know if you realise, but Dr. Francis was my father! It's nice to know that you remember him and his partner from so long ago. We would be a much fitter generation if we walked half as much as you had to back then!

Jun 04, 2010
sunset not only in Negril
by: Richie O'B.

It sets in Black River too

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